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The safer way to check-in

Touch-less check-in and visitor management. Arrive-All provides a self-service checkpoint for visitors before they enter premises or venues and helps to maintain a suitable distance between the visitor and the receptionist or event staff. Arrive-All is based on today’s latest touch-less interface technology and is activated by our unique elbow button.

Arrive-All system in use
BMW chamber of commerce meeting

Digital visitor-recording processes

Arrival-All technology can establish a database of the names and contact numbers for all staff and customers arriving every day at premises and venues that are required to keep records by COVID-19 legislation.

Think of it as a virtual receptionist

Arrive-All kiosks provide options for all locations. They can include a welcoming slide show or video including the COVID-19 safety plan, an ID check, a temperature scan, remote video communication with reception, and a door/gateway controller.

How it works


Kiosk System

The visitor approaches the kiosk and sees an Arrive-All video or screensaver which invites them to use the large elbow button to start. ID check can use a RFID tag, facial recognition or a QR code scan. Arrive-All Check and Arrive-All Check + Call apps work similarly offering a temperature check with a result displayed on screen with an audio message. On completion of the measurement, the visitor double taps the button to reset. Calls can be started by reception to the kiosk in Arrive-All Check + Call mode. For Arrive-All Check- In the visitor presses the button and this calls the receptionist who takes details and then remotely controls the kiosk and apps for the visitor to use.


Reception System

For all products the receptionist uses kiosk screen mirroring on a desktop Windows PC and can see visitor’s progression with check-in. There is also remote control built-in to enable kiosk apps to be switched remotely if required for Arrive-All Check + Call. The receptionist monitors the kiosk and can make a video call to the visitor if assistance is required. For Arrive-All Check-In the receptionist answers a call from the kiosk and can use the information from the visitor in any other database app. The kiosk apps are then remotely controlled and upon completion the call is terminated by the receptionist.



Arrive-All Check

The visitor views a business welcome video or slide show which can include safety messages. Then follows the instructions on screen (this can be edited by the client). The visitor activates the Arrive-All control app with the elbow button. This can include an ID check and temperature measurement. The receptionist remotely monitors visitors. 

Testing and call mode

Arrive-All Check + Call

The visitor sees a business welcome video or slide show and follows the instructions on screen. The visitor activates the access control app with the elbow button. This can include an ID and temperature measurement. The receptionist remotely monitors visitors and can call them if they need assistance.


check-in and testing mode

Arrive-All Check In

The visitor calls reception using the elbow button – announces who they are and their purpose. Reception records them in the business system, remotely switches apps on the kiosk with options to check ID and a temperature measurement. Switches back to call and directs visitor on entry procedure.


Advantages of Arrive-All

Staff are Safer

Safer human interaction is ensured through caution after identifying people presenting with high temperatures.

Risk Reduction

Staff are not put at risk taking temperatures. With Arrive-All self-service measurement, visitors and staff are able to adhere to safe distancing practices.

Personalised App Settings

The temperature testing  app has several personalisation settings including the alert level.

High Temperature Assistance

If a visitor has a high temperature, a suitable staff member greets the visitor outside the premises to offer assistance while adhering to safe personal distance.

Receptionist Chat

Arrive-All video chat enables safe human interaction between visitors and the first point of contact about the purpose of the visit.

Check-in Location Options

Arrive-All enables visitors to be checked in at a remote place or outside the main entrance to the premises.

Record Visitors - No Apps

Digital recording of visitors can be from scanning a printed document. It can also be from scanning an image in a gallery on a mobile device. 

Visitors Feel Safer

Visitors feel safer with the Arrive-All system in place to provide secure screening for visitors and staff on the premises. 

Very Accurate Sensor

The temperature testing app uses a very accurate sensor (very low error rate < T 0.2 C) and automatic warning of abnormal body temperature.

uses image

Uses for Arrive-ALL

All public and private locations including: 

  • Community – shops and shopping malls, libraries, museums
  • Education – childcare, schools, universities;
  • Leisure – hotels, restaurants, theme parks, gyms;
  • Travel – airports, bus and train stations, tourist sites;
  • Business and government – office buildings,  event venues, government premises, military bases,  vehicle dealerships.
  • And more – any place where safe human interaction is essential.

Ready to get started?

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Kevin Wright, founder